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Inquiry’s research for the healthcare industry

We provide knowledge and recommendations driving success throughout the product or service lifecycle.




Prior to launch

We pinpoint the target audience, their needs
and messages to reach them.




During launch

We test communication effectiveness
and identify potential pitfalls.





We boost market share and identify
new target audiences.




“Conducting actionable research for
pharmaceutical clients requires years of
experience. It is not enough to be a very
good researcher to be a reliable partner.”


– Waldemar Kupiec, Business Unit Manager
Heatlhcare at Inquiry




We pinpoint the target audience,
their needs and messages
to reach them



  • Definition and importance of therapeutic area
    in physicians’ work/physicians’ unmet needs
  • Studies supporting pharma-economic analyses
  • Therapeutic regimens used by physicians
  • Physician and patient segmentation
  • Testing marketing concepts for products and services
  • Brand image assessment-products and manufactures
  • Patient Follow Management/ Patient Journey









We test communication
effectiveness and identify potential pitfalls



  • Testing communications and visuals
  • Testing packaging and package insert
  • Recall Tests
  • Mystery Patient
  • Testing product recommendations in pharmacies
  • Quick satisfaction studies, NPS, Voice of Customers





We boost market
share and identify
new target audiences



  • Satisfaction and loyalty studies, NPS
  • Voice of Customer
  • Repositioning testing
  • Recall Tests
  • Studies supporting the positioning and communication of new indications
  • Perception of products and manufactures
  • Support in launching OTC equivalents for Rx drugs






About Inquiry

Thanks to our strong network of partners we can carry out research projects across Central and Eastern Europe



Interviewers: 400+
Co-ordination centres: 11


Interviewers: 250+
Co-ordination centres: 4


Interviewers: 400+
Co-ordination centres: 4


Interviewers: 250+
Co-ordination centres: 4


Interviewers: 400+
Co-ordination centres: 11


Interviewers: 200+
Co-ordination centres: 1


Interviewers: 400+
Co-ordination centres: 11


Interviewers: 200+
Co-ordination centres: 5


Interviewers: 200+
Co-ordination centres: 1


Interviewers: 400+
Co-ordination centres: 11


Interviewers: 200+
Co-ordination centres: 1


Interviewers: 100+
Co-ordination centres: 1



Expertise in various therapeutic areas

Our knowledge comes from many years of experience in
carrying out research projects in different therapeutic
    • • Schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder
    • • Diverticular disease
    • • Hepatic encephalopathy
    • • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • • Pneumococcal disease
    • • RA and JIA
    • • HPB and HPC
    • • Allergies
    • • Erection disorders
    • • HIV
    • • Pain management
    • • Fungal infections
    • • Diabetes (DPP4 and GLP-1)
    • • Digestive gastrointestinal disorders
    • • Absorbable haemostatics
    • • Breast cancer, leukaemia, and other cancers
    • • Glaucoma
    • • Flu and colds
    • • Hypertension and other cardiological diseases
    • • Treatment of large and small animals




Our respondents

We have robust database of both healthcare professionals
and patients covering a wide variety of disease states.
  • • GPs
  • • Psychiatrists
  • • Gastroenterologists
  • • Surgeons
  • • Anesthesiologists
  • • Paediatricians
  • • Rheumatologists
  • • Oncologists
  • • Diabetologists
  • • Ophthalmologists
  • • Cardiologists
  • • Nurses in hospital departments and in physicians’ offices
  • • Patients with common and very rare diseases
  • • Veterinary doctors


Our research methods

We offer traditional and cutting-edge research approaches
  • FGI – traditional and on-line
  • IDI & TID
  • Ethnographic studies – traditional
    and mobile


  • Phone interviews
  • Biometric studies
  • On-line communities
  • Diaries, including on-line


  • Mystery Patient
  • Strategic workshops with marketing
    departments and Key Opinion Leaders
  • Strategic consulting




Contact details

Phone: +48 22 832 51 50



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contact face

Waldemar Kupiec

Business Unit Manager Healthcare

Waldemar is based in Warsaw and is your main contact in Poland and other Eastern European markets. Waldemar has over 22 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and device market research. He has conducted over 1 000 of projects with global companies in both Poland and CEE markets. He has worked with most of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in Poland and CEE.




contact face

Christine Svoboda

Business Development Manager, US

Chris is based in the Greater New York area and is your main contact in the US. Chris has over 15 years of experience in market research business development and client service, covering both syndicated and custom. Her work covers a broad range of sectors, including healthcare/pharmaceutical research.




contact face

Neil Harwood

Business Development Manager

Neil is based in Munich and is your main contact in Germany, France and other Western European markets. Before joining Inquiry, Neil worked for research agencies in Germany and in the UK. His hobbies are traveling, photography and sports.



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